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town of Norwood

Parks, Trails and Open Space



The Town of Norwood is working in conjunction with the University Technical Assistance Program at the University of Colorado in Denver to create a master plan that provides guidance on ways to elevate and connect the parks, trails, and open spaces of Norwood.  Four city-owned parcels are being considered for improvements (see right).  Opportunities for trails and greenways to connect these parcels and other existing public places in Norwood are also being explored. This website is meant to be a resource and platform from which the residents of Norwood can communicate with the design team and be kept up-to-date on the progress of the project.  We want to hear from you!


project goals


Create a trail system in Norwood that connects open spaces, parks and other public places with neighborhoods.  Improve access and encourage residents to visit public places through non-motorized methods.


Design and improve the parks, trails, open spaces and public places so that they are accessible for persons of all ages and abilities.


Plan trails in safe spaces and encourage safe trail and traffic interactions.  Provide amenities, such as crosswalks and lighting, that make residents feel safe as they travel along trails and visit the public spaces of their town.  


Provide educational opportunities or amenities along trails that encourage residents and visitors to engage in healthy activities or learn about the town and area. 


Create opportunities to showcase the unique identity of the town of Norwood past, present and future.


Design with the future of Norwood in mind. Anticipate needs of future neighborhood, industrial and commercial developments and create a trails and parks system that can accommodate those needs.

we want to hear from you

What do you think of the above project goals?  Are there any you want to add to the list?​

Are there any areas in Norwood that could benefit from a trail, crosswalk, or other methods that would make pedestrian travel safer and more convenient?

What kinds of amenities would you like to see along a trail system of Norwood? (benches, musical instruments, workout equipment, dog bag stations, etc.)

What words would you use to describe the town of Norwood? (historical, outdoorsy, quiet, multi-generational, etc.)

What would you like the town of Norwood to be?  What would you like to see more of in Norwood?  What about Norwood do you want to see represented in public spaces?

Is there anything else you feel the design team should know?

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

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