Lone cone library

site design



The Lone Cone Library in the Town of Norwood, Colorado is working in conjunction with the University Technical Assistance Program at the University of Colorado in Denver to create a site design for Lone Cone Library.  This website is meant to be a resource and platform from which the residents of Norwood can communicate with the design team and be kept up-to-date on the progress of the design.  We want to hear from you!


project goals


The library site should be aesthetically pleasing, but easy to take care of.  For example, the site will use plants native to the area that don't require high amounts of water and can tolerate high temperatures.


The library site should accommodate the needs of people of all ages and abilities.  Activity areas on site should be able to be accessed by all.


The library site should create an atmosphere and provide amenities that make residents feel safe as they participate in library activities.


The library site should provide educational opportunities or amenities that encourage visitors, especially children, to learn.


The library site should showcase the unique identity of the town of Norwood past, present and future.

we want to hear from you

What do you think of the above project goals?  Are there any you want to add to the list?​

What kinds of amenities and/or activities would you like to see on the library site?

Are there library activities or programs you are involved with that you think could benefit from an outdoor space?

Is there anything else you feel the design team should know?

Thank you for your valuable feedback!